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IRS Representation

There is nothing more time consuming than a “crash course” in tax law when the IRS decides to audit your return. Just the time it takes to gather the documentation supporting every line item on your tax return is substantial, never mind the additional time it will take you to learn about tax laws. And when that audit letter arrives in the mailbox, you WILL spend the additional time because you know that by not complying with the auditor’s every request, you will likely end up with a hefty tax bill complete with interest and fees for tax deficiency.

Meanwhile, your business and your personal life will suffer.

An IRS Tax Auditor is trained to pick apart a tax return and scrutinize every line. It’s an auditor’s job to extract every scrap of information that you are legally obliged to provide. Tax Auditors are the experts of the world of tax returns and you are an expert of… well, something else.

Would you hire a novice to come in and run your business, to compete against your expert competitors? So why meet the IRS on your own?

Our clients rarely have to do more than forward us an IRS Notification of Audit Letter-should one arrive. As part of our expert tax preparation services, we take on the IRS for you. We handle the paperwork, the questions, the scrutiny, and the intimidation factor while you go on about your business as usual.

Frequently asked questions

Innocent spouse relief can be claimed when your current of former spouse failed to report income, incorrectly reported income, or improperly claimed credits and deductions.  To claim innocent spouse, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Filed a joint return that had erroneous items solely attributed to your spouse.
  • You establish that you did not know about the understatement of taxes at the time you signed the return.
  • The IRS takes into account the facts and circumstances and believes it to be unfair to hold you liable.

An innocent spouse is someone who is married to a person who deliberately lied to the IRS by hiding or misreporting income or claiming made up deductions to lower taxes.

An injured spouse is one whose tax refund has been used to cover the tax debt of a current or former spouse.  You become injured when your share of a refund is applied to your spouse’s legally enforceable past due debts.  You must not be legally obligated to pay the debt of the spouse.

The IRS keeps track of your personal information and you might be surprised to learn what all they have on file.  They have neatly dated and coded records of your tax information.  As tax professionals we can gain access to and interpret that information for you.  With this information we can determine how best to help you resolve your tax problems.

If you have not filed tax returns in quite some time the IRS will take care of that for you.  How does that sound?  They will file a substitute for return (SFR) and you can bet that they will not take your legitimate deductions, causing you to owe way more than you should.  Tax interest and penalties will quickly add up overwhelming you with IRS debt.

Not filing your tax return over several years is a criminal offense. You could get a year in jail for every year you do not file up to five years.   Getting away with not filing tax returns is getting harder every year as the IRS software and algorithms get more sophisticated.  Your chances of getting caught have greatly increased.

We can help you file the non-filed returns and get in compliance with the law.  You can take full advantage of all your deductions and credits thereby lowering you tax liability.  You will still owe taxes as well as penalties and interest. However, it will still be more beneficial to you than having the IRS take no deductions. Once the taxes are filed we can help you work out a plan to deal with the IRS.